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Welcome to Aphrodite Studios

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Tell me then, how much is that picture worth if it could talk and move and tell a story over and over again for years to come? That is a question personalized to each individual couple to answer. We think each of the brides and grooms we record a wedding video for will agree with us when we say it’s priceless!

Looking back at our own wedding day and video, we are so thankful to have this invaluable asset for all our children to see, and for ourselves to value for the rest of our lives.

  We offer more than one videographer for some of our larger packages!  Which means, more of your wedding day memories are captured!!  With our wedding team, we offer a few different packages for you to choose from. What is right for the two of you.?  We would love the chance to help you make that choice. While we offer a documentary style of video, with some cinematic aspects to our editing… your wedding video is as unique as you are.  We are a Photography & Videography team, offering you the opportunity to work with one company.Your wedding video will capture the events of your special day, and all the events in real time, that you can show to everyone currently or anyone yet to come into your lives for years to come.